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GS02F features a high strength steel C-channel frame designed for a scale look, with hex wrench bolted cross members, which make it resistant to twisting or wrapping. Steel parts are black powder coated to prevent rust.The inner fender is directly fixed to the frame to reduce flex and in the chassis and parts, which also prevents objects from entering into the chassis during driving.

GS02F's weight balance is biased to the forward of the chassis.This increases traction to the front wheels, providing better crawling on steep angles, and minimizing roll-overs when climbing.

The motor mount accepts 540 or 550 size motor with cooling fan with option.

The GS02F steering servo is mounted on the frame, just like a 1:1 truck. It is designed for zero bump steer to maximize steering performance of the vehicle.
In addition, the Panhard-bar is designed to avoid interference with nearby parts, so that the front suspension and shocks can move freely without any loss.

The front and rear drivelines are arranged in a straight-line to reduce stress on the universal shaft and improve efficiency.

The GS02F transmission is designed with overdrive to rotate the front wheels faster than the rear. Vehicles with overdrive on the front axle have an improved steering radius compared to non-overdrive vehicles, making it easier to control when driving on rough surfaces. It is also equiped with a 2-speed, with 1st gear being for hardcore rock crawling, and 2nd gear for hill climbing or high-speed driving.

GS02F transmission is designed with counter-rotating shafts to compensate for rotational forces due to torque, increasing the truck's stability.

GA44 axles are designed with the hardcore rock crawler in mind. Made of high-strength meterials, they will look and perform like a real 1:1 vehicle. The GA44 axle housing is a durable one-piece type, and the angle of the differential cover is designed to reduce the risk of damage due to frontal impact.

The BOM body is made of high quality polycarbonate, and includes front grill, light buckets, side mirrors, door handles, and rear cage to add scale details. The accessory parts are made of high-strength plastic so they are resistant to impact. Decals are also included.

The three-dimensional rear cage structure and dustproof electronic box effectively protects electronic equipment from damage. The rear cage is hinged so that the connected body can be easily attached and detached from the chassis.

Width : 240mm
Height : 226mm
Length : 515mm
Wheel base : 313mm
Ground clearance : 77mm
Weight (no electronics) : 1.97kg

Requires additional equipment, paint, and assembly. Shown assembled and painted for display purposes only.


Chassis mounted servo
2 speed transmission
Transmission overdrive
Hidden body mounts
Counter-rotating drivetrain
1.9" wheel/tire combo
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