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Gmade 1/10 GS02F Buffalo Pickup TS Crawler Kit

by Gmade
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The GS02F chassis is designed to look like a real truck. It is made of high strength steel and the C-channel side rail with hex wrench bolted cross members make it resistant to twisting and warping. The steel parts are finished with powder coats to prevent rusting. The inner fenders are directly fixed to the frame to reduce flex and help to prevent objects from entering into the chassis during driving. The GS02F chassis allows 2 types of wheel bases: 313mm (stock) or 324mm with optional links (sold separately). The kit also includes universal shafts with different lengths to accomodate different wheelbases.

Weight balance of the GS02F chassis is forward biased. This increases traction of the front tires and provides better crawling performance on steep hills or rocks. It also minimizes rolling over backwards when climbing. The front mounted motor helps the vehicle's weight balance to the front, and either a 540 or 550 size motor can be mounted to adjust bias. In addition, fore and aft CG can be changed using the size adjustable battery mount that is able to be fitted to various locations in the chassis.

The steering servo in the GS02F chassis is located on the frame, eliminating bump steer effects caused by the front suspension movement. Additionally, the panhard-bar is installed and cleverly designed to avoid any interference with nearby parts, so the front suspension and shocks can move freely.

With all metal internal gears, the two-speed transmission in the GS02F is designed to provide the best performance for every driving situation. With the overdrive system, the front and the rear wheels can rotate for different speeds. Vehicles with overdrive front wheels turn with shorter steering radius compared with non-overdrive vehicles. The overdrive also makes the control easier when the car is driving on rough surfaces. Overdrive ratios can be adjusted to best suit the terrain you are running on (requires optional gears, sold separately). The TTR (Torque Twist Reducing) transmission is designed to reduce unnecessary torque so the vehicle will drive with more stability. This is accomplished by rotating the front and rear universal shafts in opposite directions to compensate for rotational forces of action(torque) and reaction(reverse torque). Drivelines to the front and rear axles are designed to operate in a straight-line to reduce fatigue and stress on the hardened carbon steel universal shafts, and to reduce loss of power delivery. A dual slipper clutch is designed to hold the spur gear evenly, and allows for more precise settings.

The GA44 axle, with a metal diff locker and hardened carbon steel CVAs, is designed for hard core rock crawlers in mind. This high endurance one-piece axle is made of high strength materials and looks very "scale". It is equipped with uniquely designed tilted differential covers to help decrease damage to the differential covers. THe kingpin angle is set to keep the scrub radius to a minimum, allowing your steering servo work at it's full potential. This is combined with a Zero-Ackerman steering system to ensure maximum turning radius and smooth motion even on rough off-road terrain.Adjustable caster angle can also help in tight radius turns. A "High steer" knuckle arm system increases the approach angle, so the vehicle can climb over the obstacles more easily than typical trucks.

The SD scale shock is a coil-over style shock absorber which is optimized for scale trucks. Highly durable aluminum shock bodies and 3.5mm heavy duty shock shafts will ensure smooth driving on rough surfaces. Adjustable nuts make it easy to change the ride-height of the vehicle, so you can quickly adapt settings to any driving conditions.

The MT 1903 off-road tires, made of super soft compound material, pro
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