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Free Shipping on Orders Over $25

SCA-1E 1/10 Scale Coyote 2.1 4WD Scaler RTR

by Carisma
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$309.99 - $309.99
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Carisma Scale Adventure is proud to offer the SCA-1E Coyote 2.1. Their most successful rig ever, the SCA-1E Coyote, has evolved to become Carisma's best performing rig out of the box! They've kept the look that inspired thousands of owners globally, and the same affordable price point, making it one of the best value rigs on the market. The rig that started Scale Adventure as a company, taken to the next stage of it's own evolution.

Upgrades & Enhancements
Utilizing the Gen 2 layout as standard, with CMS Mount offering a forward weight bias to aid crawling, with the battery pack and steering servo up front and ready for action!
They also addressed the issue of torque twist, something inherent in all shaft driven rigs. CSA have developed an ATT (Anti Torque Twist Transmission) that counteracts and reduces the effects of torque twist, by ensuring the front and rear center drivelines spin in opposite directions, and flipping the rear diff. This creates a counter rotational force in the central driveline that significantly reduces torque twist and enhances the available traction where you need it the wheels. The rig runs flatter even at full throttle, and the geometry is more stable and predictable when rock crawling

Increased Control & Torque
Alongside the LiPo friendly ARC-1 Electronic Speed Controller, the gear ratio has been lowered to 5.92:1, giving a smoother low RPM range and greater control. To compliment this, a Sealed Can 17T 5 Pole Motor, with the additional magnetic force over a 3-pole motor offers enhanced torque and throttle finesse when crawling. But it's not all about Crawling, the 17T motor still has the ability to produce wheel speed when required for trail running, and being a sealed can, the motor will be more weather resistant and require minimal maintenance between runs.
True 1.9" symmetrical beadlock wheels will allow you to add additional weight to the wheels if you want to adjust the weight bias further, and soft compound ATAT (All Terrain Adventure Tires) offer great all around performance on the trail or when crawling.

Enhanced Body & Finish
The Coyote body has become one of the most iconic in the scale scene and Carisma didn't want to change things too much. They've screen printed the shell in a matte dark gray finish, and included a 2020 Karmadaz logo and an additional decal sheet allowing you to fully customize the look of the body to suit your own taste. Keep it minimal and clean looking or make it look competition ready, you decide the final look. The chrome is gone and instead, you will find black Injection moulded scale details like grille, bumpers, mirrors and wipers. As with the original, the body is LED ready.

Tried & Trusted Electrics
The CTX-8000 2.4GHz radio system is supplied with the RTR rig. Featuring Steering Rate adjustment, Steering and Throttle Trims, Channel Reversing, End Point Adjustment and F.H.S.S (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) Technology for glitch free use, eliminating cross channel interference and offering precise and responsive control at all times. Also included is a 1400mah NiMH battery and safe 5V USB charger to get you started on your adventure, although the ARC-1 ESC is also LiPO friendly offering you a clear future upgrade path.


  • CMS Mount For Improved Weight Bias
  • ATT (Anti Torque Twist) Transmission
  • New Lower 14,83 (5.92:1) Gear Ratio
  • Highly Detailed 50's Inspired Body
  • Optional Winch Ready Front Bumper
  • Optional Rear Bumper With Tow Hook
  • Soft Compound ATAT All Terrain Tyres
  • Front CVD's & Robust Steel Driveline
  • 1.9 Beadlock Wheels & Foam Inserts
  • 9kg High Torque Metal Geared Servo
  • LiPo Safe ARC-1 ESC w Crawler Mode
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