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USA 1 Monster Kruiser EP 1/8 4WD

by Kyosho
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Born in the USA, the monster truck symbolizes America: big, bold and powerful! With pickup truck bodies emblazoned with dynamic motifs mounted on super tough chassis structures and big engines to power huge tires, monster truck racing filled and thrilled stadiums around America and the world with their awesome power and speed. Recreated in 1/8 scale as an R/C truck, the "USA-1" flies the American flag loud and proud as the recognized symbol of monster trucking. Dating back to the 1990's, Kyosho's earlier versions have been fully renewed with a newly created ULTRA SCALE body, uniquely reinforced 5-link suspension and stronger solid axles originally used on the Mad Crusher and FO-XX 2.0. Equipped with a high-power brushless motor with a 4-pole rotor and 12-slot stator generating 2300KV, the VE (electric power version) delivers outrageous speed and power characteristics that would rival that of the real USA-1. The high-powered unit produces dynamic performance that makes the large 570mm body length of the USA-1 feel smaller with acceleration pickup from a standing start surpassing that of the GP (engine powered) version. As a pre-assembled Readyset, the body is immaculately finished with paint and livery to capture the rich sense of scale of this iconic 1990's machine. A charged motor battery and batteries for the transmitter are all that is required to start the action. With spare parts and a wide range of optional parts available to continually maintain and enhance performance, your USA-1 will provide thrilling fun over a long time.

4WD chassis with 5-link suspension system produces outstanding drive efficiency and performance so you can enjoy hard driving on the roughest roads with supreme confidence. This Readyset model comes with R/C system pre-installed.

Under license by USA-1, the newly developed polycarbonate body has been produced to a spectacular level of detail with separately molded accessory body parts including grille and lights to enhance the three dimensional effect. In addition, the chassis-mounted bumper captures the spirit and atmosphere of the USA-1 in all its glory.

Recreating the look and feel of the 1,000 horsepower engine, the triple carburetors that sat atop the supercharger on the engine of the actual truck, are replicated and attached to the chassis, and provide another level of scale detail that's faithful to the real USA-1 monster truck.

The newly developed 2300 KV KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX8+ brushless motor generates approximately 4400 RPM at 14.8v than the previous TORX8 motor used in the Mad Crusher VE. The red color of the motor distinguishes it as the higher performance of the TORX8+ series.

Equipped with a KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE BRAINZ 8 waterproof ESC (speed controller). With maximum voltage of 14.8V (2 x 2S Lipo packs); settings for brake, advance angle, punch force, cutoff voltage, etc., can be adjusted. Separate programmer required.

Chassis is designed for 7.2V Ni-MH or 7.4V Lipo to be mounted on either side, but it is still possible to run the model with a single battery pack. The battery box accommodates batteries of various thickness and provides secure mounting, even under hard driving.

Large capacity Big Bore oil shocks reliably support the large chassis. In addition to the standard shocks and springs in the kit, a wide range of optional combinations provide various damping rates to suit different driving conditions.

Reinforced housing for the front and rear tires thrives under the increased power while improving crash resistance. Conversion to 4WS (four-wheel steering) can also be achieved with optional parts. The incredibly strong front and rear differentials come from a 1:8-scale world champion off-road racer and feature metal ring and pinion gears, plus four internal metal spider gears for the ultimate in durability. The differentials can also be tuned with optional silicone oil up to 1,000,000wt.

Five-link suspension system e
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